Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

At Infinite, we provide portrait photography services for clients who wish to improve or update their professional image, companies who are looking to showcase their team of employees, or individuals looking to commemorate a professional or academic achievement. Especially in today’s digital world, a professional headshot can be vital – making you look qualified and proficient, as well as approachable and welcoming. Such a portrait can be used to make your resume stand out, or to improve your profile on sites such as LinkedIn. It can even help with networking, as others in your field recognise you and know who you are!

Our clients are free to choose the location of their photoshoot – whether it be at your workplace, at our studio, or in a scenic location of your wish, such as a garden or historic site. Our team have shot all over the area, and so will be able to recommend the best environment for a beautiful outcome, as well as a comfortable and enjoyable shoot.

If you choose to shoot indoors, we have a professional set up of lighting and backgrounds, and our clients are free to advise us as to their favourite backdrop for their photo.
Portrait photography can vary, and so our photographers will ensure to take a great variety of photos – including headshots, half-body shots, and full-body shots. We will also provide you with a mixture of different styles of professional and formal photos, so that you have a number of options depending on the future usage of the picture.

Our photographers are consummate professionals, and will be on hand to make sure you are looking your best – without a stray hair in sight! We will also guide you towards the best and most natural looking pose, to ensure that the end result is one that we can both be happy with.

At Infinite Photography, we understand that portrait photography is unique – it must portray the character and personality of the subject, whilst still maintaining professionality. We endeavour to get to know our clients, to ensure that their portraits are completely authentic, and fit with their personal brand and style.

Once the photos are taken, our editors will spend a number of hours making sure that each one is exactly right – from basic lighting adjustments, to detailed editing and fine-tuning. We understand the importance of a professional and formal photo, and so will do everything within our means to make sure that your portrait is of the highest quality possible.

Our photographers are highly skilled and experienced, and have worked in portrait photography with a wide range of clients. Whether you are an individual looking for a headshot or formal portrait, a company wishing to produce professional portraits of your organisation, or an academic institution looking for formal pictures of staff and/or students, we are here to help. Please do get in touch for more information.

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